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At Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville, we believe that all people are special. We believe that patients are more than just a set of teeth. Everyone deserves to be shown kindness, dignity, respect, and compassion – our passion is serving children! We work hard to cultivate an environment that is friendly, nurturing, and fun and are committed to always treating our patients and their families with compassionate service and empathy.

In our practice, we’re working to become the very best dental providers that we can be. We believe that “Practice Makes Perfect.” So each and every day we are committed to getting better.

We recognize that for many children access to dental care is limited; sometimes because of a child’s age, or their inability to tolerate dental procedures, or maybe a lack of affordable treatment options. We see these problems in our practice every single day.  Our mission, purpose, and sole reason for existing, is to help solve these problems for our patients and our community.

If you are underprivileged; if you haven’t had the access to the care that you need; if your child has special needs, we’re here to serve you.

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Our team is made up of experienced dentists who are passionate about caring for children.

We’re committed to providing the best possible dental care to children throughout the Charlottesville area.

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When it comes to dental health, preventive care is key. Whether your child needs a check-up, a thorough cleaning, or sealants to protect his or her teeth, we can help.

If your child has a cavity or is suffering from tooth decay, our dentists will help you decide whether a filling, crown, or other restorative procedure is warranted. No matter what treatments your child needs, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your child is comfortable and relaxed throughout his or her visit.

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Does your child suffer from dental anxiety or need extra help to receive the dental treatment he or she needs?

Conscious sedation might be the answer. Using nitrous oxide or oral medications, we’ll help your child relax and remain calm and comfortable throughout his or her appointment.

Ask your dentist how conscious sedation can help your child!

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If “awake” dentistry or conscious sedation isn’t an option for your child, we may recommend general anesthesia.

Under the careful watch of an anesthesia provider, your child will be fully “asleep” while he or she receives dental care.

General anesthesia is a safe and reliable method that can help your child receive the care he or she needs.

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Because we have the ability to provide sedation and general anesthesia, experience and training in behavior management techniques, and extensive experience in treating patients with all types of Special Needs, at Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville, we are uniquely positioned to provide outstanding dental care to patients with Special Needs, including those affected by:

  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Epilepsy

We also provide care to children with anxiety, depression, and other physical, cognitive, and mental disabilities.

We’re compassionate and respectful of your child’s needs and sensitivities. We’ll make use of the latest technologies to make your child’s visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

If your child has Special Needs, we can help.

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Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville Cares

Chrissy Huber
“We always have a great experience at Childrens Dentistry! My daughter is nervous coming to the dentist, but Arianna always makes it such a great experience for her and talks her through everything!”
Megan V.
Kelli H.
“I’ve been taking my daughter here since she was little! All of the staff here are great with kids. Today she had to get her first cavity filled and was super anxious but the staff made her feel at ease and she did great!”
Melissa M

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