New Year, New You, New Toothbrush?!

Happy New Year everybody! We hope and trust that you had a fulfilling holiday season to finish 2017 strong. With the passing of another year, people often reflect on the accomplishments and their goals. I used to be one of those people who considered “New Year’s Resolutions” to be a waste of time, as [...]

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Finally, a Dental Home for Teens: The Complexities of Teenagers and Oral Health

Hello world. It’s blog time and this month we’re talking about dentistry for teenagers. You know – that messy time of life where everything is awkward and awesome all at once. In a lot of ways, being a teenager is like being caught in No-Man’s Land. You’re not a child anymore, but also not [...]

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Three Habits That Can Help You Avoid Cavities

I read a book earlier this year called The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. I read it hoping to gain some insight into creating better habits for myself. My goal was to optimize my routines and become more productive and efficient in my daily life. The book was a fascinating read, and I [...]

The Problem with the Dentist

Wasn’t Today Just Supposed to Be a Cleaning?! There’s a certain type of anxiety every patient experiences when going to the dentist. No, I’m not talking about the discomfort associated with dental treatment, the sound of the drill, or even the sting of the local anesthesia. I’m talking about the anxiety and disappointment of [...]

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Is Anesthesia Unsafe?

Many parents are naturally concerned about the amount of risk they are assuming when choosing to have their child put to sleep for dental work. Parents often think that general anesthesia is an excessive treatment solution for a simple problem like cavities.The public is generally apprehensive about the very idea of being put to sleep [...]

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A Guide to Understanding Dental Anesthesia

If you’ve been clicking around on our website or have been referred to our practice, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve noticed or heard that Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville offers sedation dentistry. So-- what is that and what does it mean? Today we’ll answer those and many other common questions about sedation and [...]

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What Do You Do With All of That Halloween Candy?

This is an article that we wrote and posted in 2015 on our Facebook Page, but since it is still applicable, we decided to update it and add it to our blog this year. If you read it then, thank you! If not, keep reading, it was a fun one to put together. We [...]

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Why Are We Starting a Blog?

Hi there! My name is John Will. I’m a Dentist Anesthesiologist at Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville. For the last several months we’ve been revamping our website to bring it up-to-date with the current standards for webpages. We want it to be informative, easy to use, and work on your smartphone or tablet. In the 2010s, [...]

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