Greetings to our loving patient families!

This month, I wanted to drop a brief note to update you on a few things. If you’ve had an appointment this summer or fall, you’ve likely noticed that our waiting rooms are still closed. We hate this part of it, but let’s be honest…everything about this pandemic is hateful. We are keeping the waiting rooms closed for a little while longer despite knowing it is inconvenient to both you and us. 

The Virginia Department of Health is still requiring mask wearing in places of business, including and especially in healthcare facilities. We think that it’s easier to keep our waiting rooms closed for now than it is getting your little ones to comply with wearing a mask indoors. We hope and expect to address reopening the waiting rooms once the mask mandate is discontinued. We’re very sorry for this major inconvenience. Thanks for your partnership and understanding thus far.

Lastly, we want to thank you for your patience with all of the new guidelines that we have been tasked with complying with during this pandemic season. We know it’s a lot, and you all have been very understanding. Thank you. This too shall pass. We’re all still in this together.

Keep Smilin’

Dr. Will