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Patient Forms and Documents Needed for First Appointment

  • Completed copies of the below 5 documents
  • Your child’s dental insurance card
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your custody paperwork (if you are not a natural parent or share custody)

Forms to print for first appointment:

What You Can Expect at Your Child’s First Appointment

Whether it’s offering a full suite of children’s dentistry services, providers who genuinely care about your child, or our friendly staff, we want to make sure your child develops a positive relationship with their oral health. 

Your child’s first appointment will be centered around gaining an understanding of the state of their oral health and helping you know what to expect as their teeth develop. At the appointment, we’ll…

  • Conduct a thorough examination of their mouth, gums, and teeth
  • Perform a radiograph in indicated
  • Provide a teeth cleaning
  • Speak with you and your child about the proper way to brush and floss teeth 

Throughout the entire appointment, we’ll be there to answer any questions and speak to any concerns you or your child has.

“This dentist office is truly a blessing if your child has had bad precious experiences with the dentist or just a fear in general. My 5 year old had a terrifying experience at a younger age and I took her here yesterday and they where so awesome with her. The dental assistants are so outgoing and go above and beyond with the patients. This will forever be our new dentist”

– Heather M.

How Can We Help Your Child Remain Healthy?

Talking to Your Child About Their Appointment

As a parent, you set the stage for your child’s dental experience before ever bringing them into the dental office for an appointment. We try to portray a positive environment and invite you to do the same in the days leading up to the appointment and while you are in the office with your child.

We encourage you to tell your child about their dental visit and to keep an upbeat and positive attitude about the experience. Also, remind them that everyone at the office is friendly and will answer any questions they have.

When Speaking With Your Child Avoid Negative Language:

Instead of Saying… Try This Instead…
Exam The dentist is going to count your teeth
Shot or Needle Numbing Medicine
Pull or Yank Wiggle or Pressure
Cavity Sugar Bugs!
Hurt After the dentist is done, you’ll start feeling better

Office Policies

Our Policies Have Been Temporarily Altered to Help Keep Staff, Patients, and Our Community Safe. Learn More.

It’s our desire to meet your child’s needs and your expectations as a parent. In doing so, we ask for your assistance in developing a mutually respectful relationship.

  1. We ask that the natural parent or legal guardian of the child be present for the examination. In addition to providing support, your presence is necessary to give permission for dental treatments.
  2. We will also ask for a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a copy of your driver’s license to verify that you are a natural parent. If you are not the natural parent of the child (i.e. foster parent, grandparent with custody, adoptive parent, etc.), we will ask you to bring the appropriate legal documentation that establishes legal custody and authorization for you to make healthcare decisions on behalf of the child.
  3. If you are a temporary guardian, we ask you to bring in any court-ordered extensions or revisions to the custody status of the child as they become available.
  4. All documentation must be current and will need to be furnished from the court system or social services agency responsible for this determination.

We know that not all doctor or dental offices ask for this level of documentation, however, we hope that you will understand that we are merely striving to keep the child’s best interests in mind.

Meet Our Doctors & Staff

We believe that all people are special and that patients are more than just a set of teeth. Everyone deserves to be shown kindness, dignity, respect, and compassion – our passion is serving children!

We Accept Most Insurance & Medicaid

We believe every child should have access to the best dental care possible. We proudly accept Medicaid and many other insurance plans, including those from:

  • Anthem
  • Metlife
  • Guardian
  • United Concordia
  • Delta Dental
  • Cigna

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