John Will Children's Dentistry of CharlottesvilleHi there! My name is John Will. I’m a Dentist Anesthesiologist at Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville. For the last several months we’ve been revamping our website to bring it up-to-date with the current standards for webpages. We want it to be informative, easy to use, and work on your smartphone or tablet. In the 2010s, operating with a website that is out-of-date or that isn’t optimized for a phone or tablet is just unacceptable. So we’ve been hard at work these past few months to improve the user experience on our website.

Now that the basic updates are done, it feels like the natural next step for us is to add a blog.

What Can You Expect from Our Blog?

With the blog, we’re hoping to improve our communication with you, the reader (or patient/parent/potential patient). At CDC, we love kids, and we love dentistry. It’s nerdy, but it’s what we get excited about. We love talking about this stuff and we have tons to say on the subject too! Unfortunately, there just isn’t always time or space to say everything that we want to say. We hope that by starting a blog, we can create a space where we can talk about some of the stuff that is on our mind.

We want to create a space where we can:

  1. Write about topics that come up frequently with our patients.
  2. Discuss some of the things that don’t come up very often, but when they do they lead to longer, deeper conversations with our patients and their families.
  3. Highlight what’s changing at the office, or in the local dental community, or even in the field of dentistry itself.

Who Is Writing Our Blog?

We’re still working on the details. We haven’t figured out how often we will post a blog to the website, or how long each blog post will be, but we’re really excited to have the opportunity to communicate with you more regularly than we were before we launched this page. As the blog grows, other doctors or team members will have an opportunity to write about topics that they are passionate about, but by and large, I’ll be doing the bulk of the blogging.

And, if you’re the cynical type, you can read this and put your mind at rest, because I want to assure you that this blog will be written in-house. Our digital marketing team will help edit it for typos and structure, but the content and writing will be done by us, not farmed out. That’s just the way we roll.

What Will We Write About?

Going forward, here are some of the topics that we are planning on covering:

  • Did That Study Really Say I Don’t Need to Floss Anymore?!
  • Is Anesthesia Safe in the Dental Office?
  • Why is Dental Care Important for Baby Teeth?
  • Are X-Rays safe?
  • Is Fluoride Safe for Child?
  • Doctor/Team Spotlights
  • Halloween Candy
  • Current Goings-On in the Practice
  • And More…!

And I have even more great news, we would love to cover topics that are potentially on your mind! If there are topics you want us to cover, let us know. I want this blog to be as meaningful as possible and we want to address your concerns. Chances are, if there is something that you’re concerned about, other parents are concerned about it also! And we’ve probably had conversations with them about that very topic! So ask away. Drop us a line. Leave a post on Facebook and we’ll add it to the list of things to blog about.

You can send us topics that you want to hear more about to either: or on our Facebook page.

staff children's dentistry of charlottesville

So, have I got you excited about our blog yet?! I hope so. I know it’s not much yet, but we hope to see it grow into a great resource for you, our patients and their parents, and a great outlet for us, the dental team, to share what’s on our mind.

Please subscribe to our newsletter below, subscribe to our RSS feed, or just check back often. I look forward to communicating with you more regularly.