Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville is pleased to announce that our practice recently purchased a laser to improve the patient experience for lip-tie and tongue-tie procedures.

If you’re not already familiar, a frenectomy is a procedure that helps to relieve tongue ties and/or lip ties. These conditions develop due to a strong muscular attachment of the tongue or upper lip to the alveolar bone holding the teeth or that attach the tongue to the alveolar bone in the lower jaw. This can cause cosmetic issues such as a gap between the upper teeth, or even issues with breastfeeding and speech for infants and developing toddlers.

We’ve been doing these procedures all along, but with the addition of our new equipment we can now perform frenectomy procedures faster and with only topical anesthesia. The benefits for the patient are obvious: a shorter surgical period and no painful numbing injections!

We’re so excited to finally offer this option to our patients. We know you’ll be excited about the experience. You can learn more about our frenectomy services here.

As always, patient satisfaction and safety are our primary concern. We think having this laser will help us to improve on both of these core values.

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