Greetings friends! This is the second year that we’ve offered a Child Empowerment Scholarship. Today, I’m pleased to announce the winner.

And the winner is (pause for dramatic drumroll): Zoie McIntosh!

Congratulations to Zoie! As expected, all of the applicants were stellar and deserving in their own way. Congrats to each of you for committing to your future by pursuing advanced education. Thank you all for your applications. We want you to know that we are rooting for you and wish you the best.

Why do we offer a scholarship?

If you were to ask us: “Why do you offer a scholarship fund when you haven’t even paid off your own student loans?” The simple answer is we believe much is expected to whom much has been given.

We love what we do, and we believe that it makes a difference. Teaching children and their families about the importance of oral health is incredibly rewarding. You can often see an immediate improvement in a child’s quality of life after fixing a toothache. We’re proud of the impact we make in the lives of our patients. But we still want to do more. We recognize that pursuing advanced education is incredibly costly, and student loans can be a heavy burden to bear. We want to ease that burden a little by extending a helping hand to lift someone else up.

Life asks each of us a question: “What can you do today?” Every day is a new possibility. You can be a force for positivity or negativity. At Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville, we choose to be a force for positivity.

Why not be awesome and treat everyone like it’s their birthday?! Doesn’t that idea sound good to you? Great! Call us at (434) 817-1817 or contact us online to make an appointment today. Let’s make a difference together!