At Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville, we think everyone deserves access to good dental healthcare. In an effort to ensure all our patients understand our dental philosophy, Dr. Will decided to list the central tenants of what we believe below.

We Believe

Oral health is directly related to your general health.
Your nutrition has a profound impact on your general health.
Your mouth is the gateway to nutrition.
With good habits, good oral health is achievable for everyone.
Simple habits can be created to maintain and establish good oral health.
We are here to help you establish healthy habits and to help you optimize your oral health.

Most importantly, we believe that everyone deserves access to excellent and compassionate oral healthcare. Everyone. Rich, poor, in-between. Healthy, sick, or those with special healthcare needs. Whether you are English speaking, Spanish speaking, or you speak another language altogether. It doesn’t matter whether you have insurance, Medicaid, both, or neither. We work with patients who can sit in the dental chair and patients who are afraid and can’t.

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We are always accepting new patients. No matter your background or how you’ll pay, we want your child to have access to the most compassionate dental care in Charlottesville. We want you to know we’re going to bend over backwards to treat you right.

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